Swift buying service of used vehicles

We know selling your car privately can be an inconvenient and uncomfortable experience for some. 

We offer two solutions to this problem, which takes away the hassle of meeting potential buyers and offers complete peace of mind. 

Maximising the potential value of your car whilst knowing the sale of your car is being executed in a professional manner.


The first option is for MHCCCARS Ltd to retail your vehicle on your behalf. We handle the sale from start to finish, to secure you a higher figure than you would receive trading in the vehicle elsewhere.

The benefits of this are:

  1. Higher Returns - Selling your vehicle through us delivers a higher return than trading your car in at the dealer. 

  2. Save Time - We know everyone is busy, so let us take care of the work. We have surrounded ourselves with a team who can swiftly prepare your vehicle ready for sale. Taking care of any small remedial work to bring cars up to our standard, all agreed with you before work takes place. 

  3. Remove the hassle - Let us take care of enquiries and viewings, allowing you to carry on with life as normal. Just drop the car with us or arrange for us to collect and we take care of it from there. 

  4. Finance - We can offer potential buyers finance products to facilitate a sale. 

  5. Part Exchange - Over half of buyers have a part exchange to trade in. If they can't trade it with you then they will look elsewhere. 

  6. Warranty - Buyers these days expect a car to be warranted for their peace of mind and we can provide this up to 24 months from the date of sale. 

  7. Freedom - Move on to select your next car with money in the bank. 

  8. Security - Leave your vehicle in our care, removing the time constraints of working life and inviting strangers to your home. Safe in the knowledge that your pride and joy is securely stored, insured and is being marketed in a professional manner.


The second option is for us to buy your car directly from you in an outright purchase for an agreed sum.

This is paid directly into your account before you hand over the keys and we can even arrange collection from your home or work-please get in touch and we'll see what we can offer you.

We are happy to arrange transport or travel to collect, handle the retention of number plates and the settlement of outstanding finance.

The benefits of this are:

  1. Fast Payment - Receive funds for your car immediately once a deal is agreed and the car is delivered to us 

  2. Settle your Finance - Use our outright purchase scheme to put an end to your repayments, settle your finance and retain the remaining equity in your bank. 

  3. Hassle free - Move on to your next purchase with cash in the bank and the freedom to make your next move. 

  4. Security - We have purchased hundreds of cars from happy customers.